Plantation Regulations by a U.S. Treasury Agent

[New Orleans, La., February? 1864]

Plantation Regulations

Regulations by S. W. Cozzens, [Feb? 1864], filed between P-76 and P-77 1864, Letters Received, series 1920, Civil Affairs, Department of the Gulf, U.S. Army Continental Commands, Record Group 393 Pt. 1, National Archives. Although this printed copy bears no evidence of its date of issue, Cozzens's regulations probably date from about February 15, 1864, when he transmitted a slightly different handwritten version to a subordinate “inspector of plantations.” (S. W. Cozzens to Mr. Charles L. Dunbar, 15 Feb. 1864, vol. 123, pp. 119–21, Outgoing Correspondence of the Plantation Bureau, 3rd Agency, Civil War Special Agencies of the Treasury Department, Record Group 366, National Archives.)

Published in The Wartime Genesis of Free Labor: The Lower South, pp. 527–28, and in Free at Last, p. 240.