Memorandum by a Tennessee White Unionist

[Murfreesboro, Tenn.  January 27? 1864]

Planters in the County of Rutherford with the view of securing the services of there slaves–or in other words to conciliate & prevent them from running away–have promised to give them 10 cts pr lb for all the cotton they may produce & take care of & support them as they have before done–

Other planters are hiring their own Slaves. agreeing to give them $70.00 pr year and cloath & support them–requiring them to work as they have usually done–

Others. say to their slaves to go on as usual. and they will see they are as well off as those employed by the Goverment. or others

A common farm hand can easily cultivate–8 acres of Land–6 in Cotton & 2 acers in Corn

One Horse or mule can tend 20 Acres

200lbs of Ginn'd Cotton per Acre is a good average Crop–

5 Bbls of Corn. or 25 Bushels is a fair average Crop–

Memorandum on terms of employment, [27? Jan. 1864], enclosed in W. Bosson to Maj. Genl. Thomas, 27 Jan. 1864, B-2 1864, Letters Received by Adjutant General L. Thomas, series 363, Colored Troops Division, Adjutant General's Office, Record Group 94, National Archives.

Published in The Wartime Genesis of Free Labor: The Upper South, p. 437, and in Free at Last, p. 290.