Black Former Officers in a Louisiana Black Regiment to the Commander of the Department of the Gulf

New Orleans [La.]  April 7th 1863

Sir   we the undersigned in part resigned officers of the Third (3rd) regt La vol native guards and others desiring to assist in putting down this wicked rebelion. And in restoring peace to our once peaceful country. And wishing to share with you the dangers of the battle field and serve our country under you as our forefathers did under [Andrew] Jackson in eighteen hundred and fourteen and fifteen–On part of the ex officers we hereby volunteer our services to recruit A regiment of infantry for the United Satates army–  The commanding Genl may think that we will have the same difficulties to surmount that we had before resigning.  But sir give us A commander who will appreciate us as men and soldiers, And we will be willing to surmount all outer difficulties   We hope allso if we are permitted to go into the service again we will be allowed to share the dangers of the battle field and not be Kept for men who will not fight   If the world doubts our fighting give us A chance and we will show then what we can do–  We transmit this for your perusal and await your just conclusion. And hope that you will grant our request   We remain respectfuly your obedient servants

Adolph. J. Gla James. E. Moore
Samuel. Lauence William. Hardin
Joseph G Parker William. Moore
Joseph. W. Howard Charles. A. Allen
Charles. W. Gibbons Danl W. Smith Jr

Adolph J. Gla et al. to Majr. Genl. N. P. Banks, 7 Apr. 1863, G-35 l863, Letters Received, series l920, Civil Affairs, Department of the Gulf, U.S. Army Continental Commands, Record Group 393 Pt. 1, National Archives.

Published in The Black Military Experience, p. 329, in Free at Last, p. 438, and in Freedom's Soldiers, pp. 93–94.