Maryland Black Soldier to the Mother of a Dead Comrade

Near Petersburge [Va.]  August 19th 1864

Dear Madam   I receave A letter from You A few day Ago inquir in regard to the Fait of Your Son   I am sarry to have to inform You that thear is no dobt of his Death   he Died A Brave Death in Trying to Save the Colors of Rige[ment] in that Dreadful Battil   Billys Death was unevesally [mourned] by all but by non greatter then by my self   ever sins we have bin in the Army we have bin amoung the moust intimoat Friend   wen every our Rige[ment] wen into Camp he sertan to be at my Tent and meney happy moment we seen to gether Talking about Home and the Probability of our Living to get Home to See each other Family and Friend   But Providence has will other wise and You must Bow to His will   You and His Wife Sister and all Have my deepust Simppathy and trust will be well all in this Trying moment

You Inquired about Mr Young   He wen to the Hospetol and I can not give You eney other information in regard to Him

Billys thing that You requested to inquired about I can git no informa of as in the bustil of the Battil every thing was Lost

Give my Respects to Samual Jackson and Family not forgeting Your self and Family   I remain Your Friend

G. H. Freeman

G. H. Freeman to Madam, 19 Aug. 1864, enclosed in Rebecca Guy to the Adjutant General of the Army, 11 Mar. 1865, G-42 1865, Letters Received Relating to Recruiting, series 366, Colored Troops Division, Adjutant General's Office, Record Group 94, National Archives.

Published in The Black Military Experience, pp. 600–601, in Families and Freedom, pp. 208–9, in Free at Last, pp. 479–80, and in Freedom's Soldiers, pp. 128–29.