Affidavit of a District of Columbia Freedman

[Washington, D.C.]  6th day of February 1864

Grandison Briskoe being duly sworn says he is about 25 years of age was born in Maryland & has been married to his wife since 1861   Came to reside with his wife in this City in April–4th day of April 1862 & has resided in said City Since that period of time except a part of the time   he has been in the Service of the United States all the time & is now in Said Service in Virginia–  That his wife & his mother were taken away from Washington in April (on the 7th day) 1862 & as fugitive Slaves & taken to Piscatawa to Broad Creek to their master's [farm?] whose name is John Hunter & My mothers masters name was & is Robert Hunter–  They were both taken to the barn & severely whipped   Their clothes were raised & tied over their heads to keep their screams from disturbing the neighborhood & then were tied up & whipped very severely whipped and then taken to Upper Marlborough to jail   My wife had a Child about nine month's old which was taken from her & died soon after.  Some six or eight months after my wife was imprisoned she had a Child but the inhuman master & mistress though the knew she was soon to be Confined or give birth to a Child made no arrangements provided no Clothing nor anything for the Child or mother   I have sent them Clothing & other articles frequently until the first or near the first of January 1864 Since which the new jailor has refused to allow them to receive any thing from me

They have been in prison for the Crime of Coming to Washington to reside, ever since about the fourth of April 1862 now a year & ten months.  They are confined in Jail at Upper Marlborough  Prince George's County Maryland

Grandison Briscoe

Affidavit of Grandison Briscoe, 6 Feb. 1864, B-430 1864, Letters Received, Office of the Secretary of War, Record Group 107, National Archives. Sworn before a notary public.

Published in The Destruction of Slavery, p. 365, in Free at Last, pp. 42–43, and in Families and Freedom, p. 26.