Louisiana Slave to the Commander of the Department of the Gulf

New Orleans  March 4 [1863]

To Your Honour Major General Banks   I earnestly request of your honour to grant a hearing in behalf of myself and husband,  My mistress has hired me out at the rate of ten dollars a month and times are so dull that I proposed giving my madame eight dollars a month   she would not accept of it and said I should come home and she would find a place for me in the work house or in the parish prison where she has my husband Charley Jones for five months   I have a son who is home with my madame and I dont want to go home but I am willing to pay a liberal price until so times get better   So I entreat of your honour to look and examine my case for I shall do whatever you advised me to do anything that is just and right   I earnestly request of you to ansure this and lete me [know] what I should do for to releive my mind for I am afraid she may come and demand me and take me to prison any moment when I am willing to give my madam a liberal amount for my time   Receive this and tele me what I shal do   I remain your Obedent Servant

Edith Jones

Edith Jones to Your Honour Major General Banks, 4 Mar. [1863], J-21 1863, Letters Received, series 1920, Civil Affairs, Department of the Gulf, U.S. Army Continental Commands, Record Group 393 Pt. 1, National Archives. No reply has been found in the letters-sent volumes of the Department of the Gulf.

Published in The Wartime Genesis of Free Labor: The Lower South, p. 429.