Northern Teacher to the Freedmen's Bureau Commissioner

Halls Hill Va  August 4th 1865.

Dear Sir:  On Tuesday August 1st 1865, the Colored People of Halls Hill and vicinity, (near Camp Rucker, & Falls Church) Va– celebrated West India Emancipation, and American Emancipation.

During the business part of the celebration, the Rev Jacob Ross, (colored) of Georgetown– was chairman, and the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:–
1. “We feel it to be very important that we obtain HOMES–owning our shelters, and the ground, that we may raise fruit trees, concerning which our children can say–“These are ours”; also: that we may regularly and perseveringly educate our children, having our own school house in a central location, and also maintain public worship, and a Sabbath School, so that we may be an established and growing people, and be respected, and recognized by all loyal people, as welcome and efficient citizens of these United States–which is now our Country–made emphatically so by the blood of our brethren recently shed to save our Country.”
2  Resolved: That we appoint a Committee of seven to visit the Freedmens Bureau, and enquire–Can the Bureau give us any aid, or advice, in regard to obtaining Homes in this vicinity, or elsewhere?”

The Committee of seven consists of–
      (1) George Rummels,
      (2) Charles Jackson,
      (3) Sandy Parker,
      (4) Charles Johnson,
      (5) Samuel Smith,
      (6) Henry C Wilson,
and (7) Isaac Peyton.
This Committee are bearers of this document.

I trust that they will receive such a response as may much encourage them, and those whom they represent.  Yours for the Freedmen–

Joseph R. Johnson,

Joseph R. Johnson to Gen O. O. Howard, 4 Aug. 1865, Unregistered Letters Received, series 457, DC Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, & Abandoned Lands, Record Group 105, National Archives. Johnson signed as “Missionary, and Teacher among Freedmen.” The letter is filed among the records of the Freedmen's Bureau assistant commissioner for the District of Columbia, which suggests that the committee presented it at his headquarters, rather than at those of General O. O. Howard, its addressee. It is marked as having been received on August 9.

Published in Land and Labor, 1865, pp. 699–70.